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    • BLACK OPS 3

    • $10

      • Legit Stats
      • Choose Prestige 1-11
      • Unlock All
      • Zombies Stats
      • Colored Classes
    • Purchase
    • GHOSTS

    • $10

      • Choose Prestige 1-20
      • All Squad Levels 60
      • Max Squad Points
      • Unlock All
      • Max Level in Extinction
    • Purchase
    • Waw Azzalobby

    • $3/Per Game

      • Everywhere EB/Aimbot
      • Can spawn bots in
      • GT change on dummy
      • Auto Nac/Nac Mod
      • Calculated Match Bonus
    • Purchase
    • Ghosts AzzaLobby

    • $3/Per Game

      • Explosive Bullets
      • Fast Restart
      • GT Changer
      • Fly Mode
      • Dummy
    • Purchase



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For a direct and fast way to contact me, Add me on discord: Light#7575


For a direct and fast way to contact me, Add me on skype: LightLobbies


For constant updates and service alerts, follow me on Twitter: @LightLobbies


For constant updates, alerts or proof on youtube: /user/LightLobbiess


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Terms of Service (ToS)

We are not responsible for bans or suspensions.

We are in no way, shape or form affiliated with Microsoft, Activison and/or Rockstar and their partners or affiliates.

In case of ban or suspension (from recoveries), a redo will be done on another account (created by the customer) free of charge.

You are not prohibited to advertise or claim to resell the given mods to other users of the Xbox Live community.

You are entitled to free redos on items of worth (i.e. God Mode classes) if you so happen to mess them up.

There are absolutely no refunds at all! As stated above - if a customer does get banned, they shall be given a redo.

Chargebacks will result in permanent blacklisting of these services as well as others. Doing so will also void your free redo.

Fail to meet the above terms may result loss of free redo, loss in chargeback, and/or account ban.

By purchasing any of these services, you agree to these terms of services.